Estate Planning, using a Living Trust as the centerpiece, is the best way to make sure you leave your hard-earned assets and treasured possessions to those dearest to you while avoiding the probate process. A well-drafted estate plan will account for all of your needs and ensure that your wishes are carried out.

The process begins with a meeting between you and one of our attorneys to discuss the specifics of your plan. Our team will then begin preparing your plan and will send / upload your drafts of the documents to review. When everything is ready, you will meet with us once more to sign the documents. This entire process typically takes about two to three weeks to complete.

We offer a variety of pricing to fit your needs. Visit our Pricing Page.

Amendments & Tax Planning: If you need an update to a trust or any other documents that you already have, or additional work that isn’t directly related to these documents—such as recording additional deeds, communicating with a CPA, or more extensive estate and tax planning—we typically bill at an hourly rate, and we will be sure to discuss these costs with you. We will bill you fairly, and be sure you think it’s fair, too.

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