Contingency Cases

Recover Your Inheritance With No Legal Fees Upfront


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A Better Soluion

If you can’t afford an estate litigation attorney, or simply don’t want to bear the burden of spending thousands of dollars for a lawyer that charges by the hour, we at Gaudy Law are here to provide you with a better solution.

The Old Way

Costly Hourly Fees

Traditionally, estate litigation attorneys charge legal fees on an hourly basis, without a result in sight. This has unfairly caused a roadblock for many beneficiaries who need legal help to protect their inheritance.

Our New Way

No Win, No Fees

We do it differently. We want to help clients even if they can’t afford or don’t want to spend money upfront on attorneys. That’s why we represent clients on a contingency basis. Meaning, we don’t get paid unless you get paid. It’s our way.

Protect your Inheritance

If you have wrongfully been written out of a will or trust or if your rightful inheritance has been put in jeopardy by the wrongful acts of another, you have the right to fight back. But you have to act quickly, because there may be deadlines for you to start a will or trust contest. The first step is for you to Contact us today to evaluate your rights.

Our Process

We Will Quickly Get to Work

As soon as you hire us, we will investigate the facts and build your case based on your unique set of circumstances. We will explore every angle in order to get your case ready.

We Will Be Efficient and Aggressive

We’ll leverage our decades of combined plaintiff’s litigation and trust and estate experience in order to achieve a recovery as economically and efficiently as possible. Because of our combined experience and our unique fee arrangement, we are often able to achieve high-paying settlements without the need for long drawn out trials or even the filing of a law suit.

Your Award

Unless and until we achieve a recovery on your behalf, you will not owe any legal fees. Our legal fees will be paid as a percentage of the monies we obtain on your behalf. So in the unlikely event you don't get anything, neither do we.