One of the most difficult periods of time in the life of any business comes about at the death or retirement of the founder. Very often the founder is/are the parent(s) of the person taking over the business. In some situations a long time employee would like to take over the business or buy-out the owner. Sadly, very few businesses have any kind of succession plan in place. This results in either turmoil amongst the heirs or in the business simply ceasing to exist all together. No business owner builds and struggles for decades only to see his or her hard won business evaporate or be enveloped in lawsuits. Development and implementation of plan for transition of your business to children or other lower employees is the only way to eliminate these potential problems. We’ll create a custom plan for your business which may involve buy-sell agreements, and installment purchase plans which could drastically reduce your overall tax burden. We’ll also work to make sure that your Business plan lines up with your estate plan to further reduce potential hurt feelings among your children who may not be part of the family business. Call set up a time to have our team learn more about your business.


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